How to Achieve a Memorable Headshot

An actor’s headshot is often the first impression a casting director gets. It can be the only thing that decides whether or not you get an audition. Consequently, the importance of a memorable headshot cannot be understated. Keep these tips in mind for your next headshot photoshoot.

Hire the Right Photographer
While price point is always a consideration, don’t hire based on fee alone. It is much more important to look at a photographer’s body of work. Find several whose portfolios you admire and that produce the results you want to achieve. Then meet with them and discuss what it is you’re looking for. A photographer should listen to you and find out what you want, then let you know what they can offer. Remember, the headshot will determine whether or not you get your foot in the door. Hiring an experienced Washington DC headshot photographer is worth the investment.

Go Natural and Neutral
The purpose of a headshot is to see if you have a look that can be transformed into a specific role. The best way to do that is to keep your clothing neutral and your makeup and hair understated. You want to draw attention to your face, not distract with loud clothing and lots of jewelry. Solid colors work well, particularly jewel tones to warm the skin tone. Stay away from white as it can wash you out. Keep jewelry to a minimum as well. By all means, style your hair, but with a minimum of fuss to keep your tresses looking natural and not over-processed.

Show the Real You
The key to a good headshot is in the eyes. If your hair is perfect, your skin looks flawless, you are shot at exactly the right angle and in perfect lighting, but your eyes are dead, then you will not receive a callback. The eyes need to be expressive and convey the type of actor you are. Let your personality shine! Also, go easy on the retouching. Erasing a blemish is worthwhile, but erasing wrinkles or pounds is not. A casting director wants to see the real you, not a thinner, younger version of you.

If you want that callback, having a great headshot is crucial. Choosing the right Washington DC headshot photographer, keeping your appearance natural, and showing your personality can ensure your headshot makes a lasting impression.